Torta jewellery Set

Torta is ERITREAN & ETHIOPIAN INSPIRED JEWELRY Collection.Prince zahid jewellery specialize in all kinds of Torta 21 karat gold. Prince zahid jewellery have 20 years of experience in this field.

Eritrean & Ethiopian cultures

Prince zahid jewellery have Ethiopian Jewelry Set Dubai, Pendant, Earring, Ring, Hairpin, Bangle, Eritrean. All available in Our Stock.
Torta jewellery is very famous collection in Eritrea and Ethiopia. Eritrean and Ethiopian cultures are rich and diverse, influenced by their long histories and interactions with various civilizations. While there are similarities between the two cultures due to their geographic proximity and historical connections, they also have unique aspects that distinguish them from one another.
Both Eritrea and Ethiopia have strong cultural traditions, including religious celebrations, traditional festivals, and rituals that are significant to their respective communities.